Happen to miss the show this morning? If you did, well, don’t let it happen again. Here’s a taste of what was discussed.

6:22-Kiley & Lima talk about last night’s close call against the Pacers and how it seemed to be a relapse into some of what we saw when David Blatt was the head coach. They focus on the game being a trap game, and still seeing a few things that played out differently, especially considering how active Kevin Love has been.

6:48-Kiley & Lima debate if some of LeBron’s luster has worn off considering the years he had in Miami and how revered he was when he left, and the struggle since he returned after not winning a title last year and having major issues this season. They converse about whether LeBron can change or if only those around him change.

7:48-Kiley & Carman challenge listeners to “The Name Game” as we’ll provide 3 names, they could be real or they could be fake, and it’s up to the callers to decide which one. Get three in a row correct and you win!

9:03- Mike Rucker, Former Carolina Panthers DE talks about the season that Cam Newton is having and the one the Panthers defense is having. He looks at the keys to slowing down Peyotn Manning and why he’s still as tough as ever to control. He discusses Cam Newton being a different stlye QB from most others before him and gives a prediction for a final score.


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