Happen to miss the show this morning? If you did, well, don’t let it happen again. Here’s a taste of what was discussed.

6:23-Kiley & Lima talk about the Browns making their stance clear in regards to Johnny Manziel being done with the team. They talk about Manziel’s antics and lack of maturity and responsibility. They debate that Sashi Brown is making his statement and putting his name to it and how it couldn’t have been Hue Jackson, who had acknowledged he hadn’t met with Manziel yet.

8:04-Kiley & Lima share their thoughts during Game Plan Wednesday as they preview the Super Bowl between the Panthers and the Broncos.

8:28-We’re joined by Mark Baughman and Mark Schecter, a pair of Real Estate agents who have recently sold Art Modell’s old house. They discuss the history of the house, the issues and troubles the house had before being sold, and if they feel there is a Cleveland sports curse to the property.

9:31-Brian Jones of CBS Sports joins us from San Francisco and Radio Row. He chats about Sunday’s game and if he feels the spread of 5 points is accurate considering the run games and defenses for both teams. He thinks the Panthers OL are the unsung heroes now that Jonathan Stewart is back, even more so than the LB’s or pass rush for the Panthers. He thinks that people still view Peyton Manning as the QB who struggled early in the season, but that recently he’s looked more like his normal self. He stresses that neither team should change game plans, they need to stick with what has brought them to this point.


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