Dave Logan, Denver Broncos Broadcaster talks about how excited the fans are for another shot at a Super Bowl and how unconventional the season has been for Denver. He says most of the country doubted if the Broncos could knock off Tom Brady, but they found just enough offense to stand with the performance the defense set up. He talks about the few years that Peyton Manning has spent with the Broncos and what he means to the city. Dave looks at some of the Denver sports legends and where Peyton would rank if he could bring another Super Bowl to the city.

Dave feels the Broncos have to enter the game with a different mindset, and the defense needs to focus on stopping the run game, and not just Cam Newton. He likes the matchup that Denver presents with their corners and that you should be able to use safeties in the box and add help in stopping the run game. He states that the game will be won or lost on what the offense can or can’t do and that it’s going to take 20 points or more to win this thing.

Dave discusses the offensive game plan centering on the run game and not as much on Peyton Manning, although they will certainly give him and the WR’s a few downfield chances. He thinks the game will be decided by 4 or 5 plays and the Broncos will take chances on those plays, and it’s just a matter of which team makes them. He states that it’s time for Demaryius Thomas to step up and be the dominating WR that he’s supposed to be. He explains that the Broncos are not the type of team who can come from behind multiple scores and if they are forced to change their game plan, they will be in real trouble. He also gives his final score with Denver winning 24-21.


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