Tiki Barber, Former NFL RB and CBS Radio Host discusses the setup he’s got out in San Francisco for the Super Bowl coverage. He explains how far all the events are being held from the actual stadium, and game-day travel will take over an hour. He talks about himself and Ronde learning the game growing up and the key to their success was being a good mental player, not just physical.

Tiki feels that Johnny Manziel has the obvious issue that he has a need to be the center of attention or the life of the party, and finding such early success with no real missteps hurt him. He says that Manziel probably didn’t realize what it takes to be great, especially at the QB position, because it all just came so easily to him in the SEC. He also says that the turnover in coaching and leadership the past few years hurt because there was no true guidance.

Tiki glances at the Super Bowl matchup and he thinks that Denver can limit the Panthers, but that the Carolina offense can really attack you in so many different ways that it’s nearly impossible to completely shut them down. He explains how it’s not all Cam Newton, but there are so many different guys that can beat you, so it’s not just about limiting any single guy. Tiki looks at the game against the Patriots and how well the Broncos did against Tom Brady and that if they can force Cam Newton into mistakes, then they will have a real chance. He feels that stats are misleading about Peyton Manning because he’s not trying to make plays the ways other guys do, so pass yards and completion percentage isn’t as important because he does trust and rely on his defense above making a mistake.


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