Dick Enberg, legendary broadcaster chats about how we’ve reached 50 Super Bowls and looks at the evolution of the game since he recalls Super Bowl 1 and some of the Championship Games before it held that title. He details how the preparation to broadcast a Super Bowl is really no different from any other game, but that the 2-week period carries much more pressure than the game itself. Dick shares some Super Bowl memories of technical difficulties and also discusses what his favorite place to call a game was as a broadcaster.

Dick discusses the QB matchup between Peyton, in possibly his final game, and Cam Newton having one of the all-time great seasons. Dick says he actually enjoys the flair that Cam Newton provides and the story lines between the two QB’s and defenses provide some great story lines. He remembers the quietest moment he’s ever witnessed in football was “The Drive” and how silent the 80,000 Browns fans were, and that memory has always stuck with him.


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