Happen to miss the show this morning? If you did, well, don’t let it happen again. Here’s a taste of what was discussed.

7:08-Kiley & Carman chat about the Cavs win last night as Kyrie and LeBron dominated. They discuss DeMarcus Cousins and his pitiful effort last night and how Sacramento is a terrible city for him and Rondo and they’ll never reach full potential there. They talk about how to gain confidence in the Cavs when every loss is a disaster, but no win is really good enough to build it up in the fans minds.

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7:48-Kiley & Carman challenge listeners to “The Name Game” as we’ll provide 3 names, they could be real or they could be fake, and it’s up to the callers to decide which one. Get three in a row correct and you win!

9:05-Kiley & Carman discuss the affidavit referencing the incident with Johnny Manziel and Colleen Crowley and discuss some of the specifics. They try to figure out if that’s just one side of the story or the only side of the story.

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9:29- Dale Hansen from WFAA in Dallas says it all began last week and it’s not only dominating Cleveland, but Dallas as well. He says it’s not odd that Colleen Crowley waited to pursue charges, that’s common, and if what she’s claiming is true than Johnny Manziel is in a lot of trouble. He explains how frustrating it is from the police perspective when women call for help and later drop the charges. Dale says the valet could be a key here, but so far nobody has been able to find him yet. He says the story revolving around the valet not helping a plea from a girl seems odd, but Manziel is going to get the benefit of the doubt in Dallas. He says the comments from the father has gotten a lot of attention, but his father has been laughed at as an enabler through most of his troubles, and now for him to take a serious stand was somewhat shocking, but the concern is definitely real.


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