Happen to miss the show this morning? If you did, well, don’t let it happen again. Here’s a taste of what was discussed.

6:48-Kiley & Carman discuss and debate the personalities of LeBron and Kobe and the differences in them as a player and person both on and off the floor. They discuss LeBron’s desire to be liked and Kobe’s pure desire to win and how that has shaped their careers.

7:11-Kiley & Carman chat about the Mike Silver allegations that Manziel showed up drunk to practice and if they do or don’t believe it. Ken poses the question as to which NFL team wouldn’t cover it up if it is true, and he thinks every team would, but Kiley disagrees.

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7:48-Kiley & Carman play the Carman Calorie Counter, along with two listeners, as they compete against each other to correctly guess the number of calories in a given food item or meal.

8:29- Mychal Thompson, broadcaster for the Lakers is pumped to see LeBron vs. Kobe again tonight. He thinks even with a slight shoulder injury he’ll play tonight considering a few factors including LeBron and Tyronn Lue. He talks about the type of competitor that Kobe is and what type of game he has left in him. Mychal questions anyone who doesn’t think that Kobe should be getting recognized throughout the NBA as he takes his final trips to each arena and he spotlights the great reception that Kobe received in San Antonio. He was actually upset at Indiana and Portland for NOT doing anything special for Kobe. He thinks the tributes mean a lot because of what Kobe has meant for the game. Mychal really is intense about opposing teams showing respect for Kobe with a tribute and explains why he feels its important to him.


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