Avery Friedman and Jim Kersey, the Legal Eagles, clears up some questions about the Johnny Manziel situation and that the allegations in the affidavit should be enough for the authorities to file charges. They clarify that the legal difference between Ohio and Texas are significant and to proof this in trial, Colleen Crowley will have to testify, and that could be the hold-up considering the possibility that she would be unwilling. They talk about Manziel needing some sort of guardian and nobody is really protecting him right now from himself or from others.

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The Legal Eagles also take a look at Jimmy Haslam and the Pilot Flying J charges and the key here is who flips, and the key will be what former President Hazelwood says to the authorities. They look at the indictments against him and what the chance is that he gets Haslam into trouble. They discuss, as lawyers, how your relationship with clients has to be and that you need to just focus on the case and the facts and let the jury or judge decide what is wrong or right.

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