Happen to miss the show this morning? If you did, well, don’t let it happen again. Here’s a taste of what was discussed.

6:31-Carman & Spooner discuss the Slam Dunk contest, what it would take to make it a must-watch event again, and why they still watch it. They talk about how the Slam Dunk contest used to be the biggest thing of All-Star weekend in previous generations, but it’s become a secondary event because the super stars no longer compete in it.

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7:28-Carman & Spooner talk about Joe Thomas’ comments yesterday and how he can’t be the guy to lead the team into the future. They discuss Hue Jackson being a possible reason the team moves forward and how they need someone along with Joe Thomas to be the true mouth piece and savior to speak for the team. They look at needing to find the next Joe Thomas, the next 10-year guy that you can count on to give the truth of the players minds.

8:08-Carman & Spooner talk about family members enabling Johnny Manziel and the trouble he’s in and why people don’t just hold him accountable. They talk about the Browns holding him accountable and making a business decision by splitting with him.

8:44-Tony Ochs, the driver of the Soldiers Fortune Black Ops truck in Monster Jam at the Q this weekend joins to discuss how he got started in Monster Jam, how the trucks differ from a regular truck you’d see on the roads, how his military experience helped him cross over and how fan friendly the event is.


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