Happen to miss the show this morning? If you did, well, don’t let it happen again. Here’s a taste of what was discussed.

6:28-Carman &amp: Lima discuss last nights Cavs loss and how poorly LeBron played. They say it’s a shame they couldn’t pull off the comeback because Detroit didn’t play a particularly good game themselves. They talk about LeBron looking as bad as they’ve seen him and how Kyrie had to take over like it was pre-LeBron again.

7:07-Carman & Lima chat about Tyronn Lue wishing he had rested LeBron and how his gut told him to. They discuss if LeBron needs to rest and how many games they would like to see him sit the rest of the way. They go through his career and detail how he’s played more games than just his career numbers would tell you.

8:13-Carman & Lima chat about the expectation that Alex Mack will opt out of his Browns contract, but that there’s still a chance he could return under a new deal. They talk about him possibly becoming the highest paid center in the game and if the Browns should pay him that much and if it’s worth it.

9:28- Tom Withers of the Associated Press does think that Alex Mack is leaning towards returning to the Browns if the contract is there, but that he is comfortable in Cleveland and likes things here. Tom says he finds the combine over-hyped and over blown and he’s never been big into that event. Tom notes that it was really tough to see Anderson Varejao go, from a personal perspective, because he loved the city, the fans, the people, the media, and truly wanted to close his career with Cleveland. He does feel that Channing Frye is a good infusion of professionalism for the Cavs and he has a role with the team. He also goes on record stating that he feels the Indians will end up 2nd in the AL Central.