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The 2016 NFL Draft is just over 2 months away and mock draft season is in full swing. To celebrate the draft, the Nick Wilson Experiment welcomes a draft expert every week to answer questions and forecast the first 3 rounds for the Browns on our Mid-Week Mock. Tonight, we welcome the incomparable Dane Brugler of CBS Sports. In the meantime, here are some random thoughts on this year’s draft

1 Joey Bosa Falling? – I’m not sure if you can call it falling or whether it’s just settling into where he belongs.

The only knock on Bosa I disagree with is that he didn’t produce last year. Yes, his numbers weren’t eye popping but he impacted every single game considerably when you go back and watch the tape.

Despite playing different styles, Bosa faces the same issue that Houston’s JJ Watt did. He’s a great football player but maybe isn’t the greatest athlete in the world. As far as last October, I had seen draft guys saying Bosa makes more sense from 5-7 rather than the top 3. Your move Baltimore.

2 Who is getting “Bridgewater’d” worse; Cook or Goff? – It’s been a minute but I can still feel the wrath of sports fans on Michigan State quarterback Connor Cook. “HE SNUBBED A LEGEND!!!!” Buckeye fans yell at their computer as they ferociously type the same caps lace tweet and hit send when anyone utters Cooks name.

While he certainly won’t be winning any awards for congeniality any time soon, Connor Cook is not Voldemort. The above incident and 2 bad games to end his career should not deter anyone from drafting him. Scouting is about the entire scope of tape and not just the last 2. My guess is that someone will get a steal in Cook if he proves to be healthy.

3 About Those Quarterbacks….. – The need for quarterback in Cleveland remains after 17 seasons back in the NFL. When the Browns were in the throes of being god awful this year, the silver lining was that it might land them the top pick which they could use on a quarterback. They were bad enough to get the second pick but the quarterback class doesn’t appear to have an Andrew Luck or Jameis Winston.

While I am not ready to say there isn’t a quarterback worthy of the 2nd pick this April, I am certainly leaning that way. Eric Galko of Optimum Scouting was on the Experiment this Monday and said there is not a traditional franchise quarterback available in this draft. While the thirst is real for quarterback in Cleveland, they shouldn’t drink sand to try and quench it.

Nick’s Browns Mock For This Week….(Hint, you might not like it)

2) Jalen Ramsey, CB/S, Florida State, 6-1, 202, 4.49 If a franchise type quarterback is not available, I want a franchise player. Optimally, I would like that player to be a pass rusher but Ramsey seems to be too good to pass up. Below is what interests me from his scouting report.

“A freakish athlete with legitimate Olympics hopes and the physicality required for the NFL, Ramsey is the best of a strong draft for defensive backs.” Rob Rang, CBS Sports

Anyone doubting the impact of a safety, please see the career of Steeler’s legend Troy Polamalu.

32) Connor Cook, QB, Michigan State, 6-4, 220– If a true Franchise quarterback isn’t available, then I would rather wait until rounds 2 or 3 and go with value. As already illustrated, I think Cook is being looked down on by some for non-football reasons.

“Cook scans the entire field and is a confident passer to all levels, showing touch, anticipation and toughness in the pocket. He has effortless arm strength when he steps into his throws with proper mechanics and torque through his hips to deliver the proper trajectory on downfield passes. Mastered Michigan State’s offense, firing quick passes underneath with the ability to thread the needle on deeper sideline throws. Has excellent experience, and his poise in key situations has improved throughout his career.” Rob Rang, CBS Sports

I don’t care if he was team captain at Michigan State. I care about the body of work which is still quite impressive.

65) Keyarris Garrett, WR, Tulsa, 6-3, 221– I’d love the Browns to find a power running back here to pair with Duke Johnson but I’m skeptical of the 3rd round backs this year. Garrett is a big receiver, who plays big.

Boasts an imposing frame with broad shoulders, a tapered middle and long limbs. For a receiver of his size, Garrett shows impressive initial quickness off the snap, rolling off the line and generating good speed as a classic deep threat.” Rob Rang, CBS Sports

Take that Ray Farmer, the Browns draft a receiver in the top 3 rounds.

To hear a weekly Browns mock, don’t forget to listen to the Nick Wilson Experiment every Wednesday night for the Mid-Week Mock.

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