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INDIANAPOLIS (92.3 T%he Fan) – Ohio State defensive end Joey Bosa believes that he’s the best player in this year’s NFL Draft.

He might be the funniest one too.

Bosa was armed with the one-liners Friday at the NFL Combine as he fielded questions from the largest gathering of reporters around a podium to date at this year’s event.

“I miss the media,” Bosa cracked. “After meeting with a bunch of NFL coaches, you guys are nothing.”

Bosa is a legitimate candidate to go No. 1 overall in April’s draft and if he’s still there at No. 2, Sashi Brown, Andrew Berry and Hue Jackson have some serious thinking to do when the Browns go on the clock.

“I do believe I’m the best player in the draft,” Bosa said. “There’s, of course, a lot of amazing players in the draft and it’s going to be up to
Tennessee to make that decision. But I think as a player if you don’t believe that then there’s kind of something wrong.”

Does he have a targeted time in the 40-yard dash?

“Yea, run as fast as I can,” Bosa said.

The Buckeyes’ star defensive end was asked how much pressure will be on his future son, to which he replied, “Gotta marry a tall athletic girl and breed football players, I guess.”

How could Bosa impact a game as much as a quarterback?

“You watched the Super Bowl,” Bosa quipped. “That’s pretty much the only example I have to give. The defense won that game, 100%, Von Miller. He really showed what a pass rusher can do for a team.”

Bosa also showed his appreciation to the critics that he credits for getting him and 13 of his teammates to Indianapolis and ready for the NFL.

“As a team, all those losses, all the haters, all the doubt, I think, really brought us together as a team, helped us mature our relationships as well as football players,” Bosa said. “So, thanks for hating on us. It really helped us in the long run.”

It wasn’t all laughs for the Buckeye.

Bosa was asked about getting ejected for targeting in their Fiesta Bowl win over Notre Dame as well as the 1-game suspension to open the season against Virginia Tech which he said he plans to address in his formal interviews with teams starting Friday night.

Suffice it to say many teams probably won’t appreciate his sense of humor as much as reporters do.

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