Bud Shaw, Columnist for Cleveland.com is amused that people are throwing such a fit over LeBron‘s trip to Miami considering all they have put up with in relation to Johnny Manziel. He says the teammates should be more angered by the tweets than the trip, because that could be a real distraction. He says if LBJ has something to say he should just say it. He feels that if Golden State wasn’t having the season they are than people wouldn’t be panicking about the Cavs the way they are. He doesn’t think there has been a big difference since Tyronn Lue took over for David Blatt, and the big change is they no longer can just use the head coach as an excuse.

Bud says that if he were Alex Mack he’d choose to head elsewhere. He thinks that if Mack’s gone as far as to opt out, once he sees the other offers he will go ahead and move on. He is encouraged that the Browns are at least doing their homework right in regards to the #2 pick and he’s confident they will take the right QB this time around.


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