Happen to miss the show this morning? If you did, well, don’t let it happen again. Here’s a taste of what was discussed.

6:25-Carman & Lima look at Alex Mack’s decision to opt out and the likelihood that he will return to the team in free agency. They also discuss how much Mack’s contract could be in free agency and what it means for the rest of the lineman on the team or looking for new contracts.

7:06The Wonderlic score of Carson Wentz has been released and it is higher than Peyton Manning’s, but lower than Johnny Manziel‘s. Carman & Lima debate how important that score is for a QB, how much it should weigh into the analytics of it all, and what you look for in a QB after the Johnny Manziel failures.

7:31-Daryl Ruiter thinks that it makes perfect sense that Alex Mack would like to take a look outside of Cleveland, maybe get a huge contract and have the chance to play for a true contender. He feels that Hue Jackson and Sashi Brown have a very shaky foundation they are trying to rebuild and some players realize that and will look for greener pastures, and some will decide to stick around and hope it can be solved quicker than in the past.

8:05-Carman & Lima question why LeBron was caught in Miami working out with Dwyane Wade and why he was down there. They explain that LeBron has a different set of rules from the rest of the Cavs and that the NBA in general operates different from other sports leagues.

8:28- Bud Shaw, Columnist for Cleveland.com doesn’t think LeBron’s trip to Miami is such a big deal, but the tweets should raise some eye brows. He talks about Golden State’s season weighing on LeBron and the Cavs, and if they are an all-time great. He feels Alex Mack is likely heading elsewhere and the Browns will take a QB with the #2 pick in the draft this year.


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