Joel Corry, Former Agent and CBS Contract Analyst explains why changing GM’s makes things so tough to deal with it. He can’t explain the Stockholm syndrome that Joe Thomas has and why he continues to want to remain with the Browns. Joel warns to never consider the reports a done deal until its signed and actually completed. He looks at franchises on the rise and the fine line between having no players want to go there and becoming a destination. Joel also talks about the idea of money vs. winning and how that definitely plays into the decision for many players.

Joel says the Browns aren’t perceived as a top organization because of the turnover and disarray. He does feel that being a copycat league, if the Browns new method works, it will be followed by many teams in the next few years. He explains why the Browns could hold on to Johnny Manziel in the hopes of saving some money and he understands why its something they have been considering. He closes by saying that Josh Gordon being seen with Manziel should cause some real concern about his chances to be reinstated.


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