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For many low-income families, covering the cost of basic necessities like food, housing, health care and childcare can be a serious financial struggle, paying a monthly cell phone bill is often an impossibility. In today’s world, cell phone service is vital to daily tasks, including getting or keeping a job, coordinating childcare and healthcare, contacting emergency services, and keeping in touch with loved ones.

Telecommunication companies like Dania, Florida’s Q Link Wireless understand just how important affordable phone service is for low-income families and seniors. Q Link CEO Issa Asad explains, “That’s why many participate in the nationwide Lifeline Assistance program.” This program serves individuals throughout the U.S., providing affordable landline and mobile phone services to low-income households.

Lifeline Helps Food Stamp Recipients, Medicaid Recipients & Senior Citizens

The Lifeline program can help food stamp recipients, Medicaid recipients, and low-income senior citizens afford vital phone services. Qualified households receive monthly discounts to lower the cost of either a landline or a mobile phone. Some program participants, including Q Link Wireless, also provide participants with a free cell phone.

Tribal Residents Qualify for the Lifeline Program

Individuals living on federally recognized Tribal Lands may also qualify for the Lifeline Program. As part of the application process, applicants are required to demonstrate proof that they live on a reservation or Tribal lands. Additional state support may also be available.

State-Specific Discounts May Bring Seniors & Low-Income Families Additional Benefits

Additional assistance beyond the Federal Lifeline program may also be available for Lifeline participants; however, the specific aid will vary on a state-by-state basis. Lifeline discounts may also vary based on the specific phone service plan and provider. For example, some providers may offer a free cell phone and a fixed number of free minutes or texts for a specific period. Lifeline plan benefits may also include no contracts, nationwide coverage, caller ID and call waiting, and voicemail.

“The specific benefits can vary state-by-state, as well as by provider,” says Issa Asad, “For example, Q Link Wireless will provide qualified plan participants with a free cell phone. Not all providers or states may offer this benefit.”

Lifeline provides many intangible benefits for recipients, including invaluable peace of mind. Thanks to Lifeline, program recipients will never need to worry about how they will contact 911 in an emergency or how their employer can contact them, or what happens if a child is sick at school. “While the cost savings are important, the biggest benefit may very well be the invaluable peace of mind that an affordable phone gives people,” says Asad. “From calling 911 to simply being able to contact family and friends, a phone is truly a lifeline to the world. All households deserve this.”

Above content provided by Issa Asad CEO of Q Link Wireless and Quadrant Holdings, located in Dania, Florida.




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