Over the weekend, Pistons Center Andre Drummond tweeted a response to our own Adam The Bull’s comments to Matt Dery about the All Star’s free throw shooting percentage.

Bull called Drummond a “disgrace to the NBA” in regard to his abysmal free throw percentage. You can read more about Bull’s comments here:

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The Ken Carman Show decided to have some fun with this story and asked their listeners to “tweet them some of the other disgraceful things Andre Drummond has done.”

Here are the best submissions.

1. His bathroom etiquette needs work.

2. He’s not very good at poker.

3. He will never be a Top Chef.

4. Uhhhhh…

5. He need to work on his fashion.

6. He is a bad driver.

7. He doesn’t know how to make breakfast.

8. Um, yeah…

9. He enjoys a good article.

10. He should really learn what happens at church.


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