By Ken Carman | 92.3 The Fan

Don’t worry about Browns fans. They’re the last people who need a warning.

You and I have been down this road many times before.

-We defended Colt.

-We defended Brandon.

-We defended Brian.

-We definitely defended Johnny.

All were polarizing in their own way. Some of them, we didn’t even really like but they were Browns, so we took up for them. We felt like we had to.

Late Friday night, we were almost baited into it again. This time over Robert Griffin III.

Patrick Cannon’s piece had good intentions. It was really meant for Redskins fans. There was some humor (even though some didn’t like that Cannon tried to pitch the ex-wife analogy during RGIII’s public breakup with his wife. Eh. Can’t say I’m overwhelmingly offended). But as these types of pieces end up doing, it fell into Browns fans’ inboxes, and that old familiar feeling started to creep up for a second…



It came back in a flood, but the feeling was only fleeting. Because finally after nearly 20 years, I think I…no, I think we get it.

This “warning to Browns fans” written in any other year would have been eviscerated. We would have taken shots at Cannon. We would have gotten him on shows to grill him then deliver Sweet Chin Music.

This “warning to Browns fans” though, is just one quarterback too late.

Across the country writers have reported shots being taken at Griffin III. With each one, a little different wrinkle, but with every practice that goes by, a little bit more perspective by Browns fans and media.

For the first time in a long time, Browns fans are grounded.

Yes, we know Griffin III had serious problems in DC. We know that he shares blame for his relationships with the Shannahan’s, Gruden, and his teammates deteriorating. We know that Cleveland was the only place that offered Griffin III (one of only two things I disagreed with at all in Cannon’s piece). We know very well that this will be a season of learning, and Robert will be one of those trying to do so.

This offseason has had the most common sense of any offseason in recent memory. We know it’s going to be rough on the scoreboard. Just show us some growth and some players who can stay, and let’s look forward to trying to build this the right way. It goes the same with Robert.
Griffin III looked great last Thursday. Two big bombs. He stayed in the pocket as much as he could and took off when it was drawn up or he absolutely had to. Afterwards there were no fanatical calls though. There were no playoff proclamations. We’ve all been caught up before.

We’ve all ended up being wrong before for one reason or another.

To make my own dating analogy: Browns fans are a single mother. We’re trying to find someone right for our children (team). The last boyfriend (QB) we had was a boy who wasn’t ready to be a man and jump into a long-lasting relationship. He didn’t know how to handle kids. We tried to change him many times, but a leopard can’t change his spots.

We don’t know yet if we like Robert. It’s really early. We’re just going to take it slow this time, and try not to heap the baggage of the memory of the last boyfriend we had on him.

No, Browns fans don’t need a warning. We’ve dated every guy there is: rebels, older “Just for men” guys, a guy who could have been a model, cowboys, aristocrats, bald guys, skinny guys, sensitive guys, tough guys. Every one we tried just didn’t work out for one reason or another, and we feel awful because it’s our kids who are effected.

Now I know that this could all change. Griffin III could actually play well under Hue Jackson. Robert seems to really love the guy. What if he played well? Yep, we’d fall head over heels again. We’d defend him, and tweet at the haters. We’d take shots for every bomb to Pryor, and hopefully Gordon. We know we’d get excited. We know we would, but Robert is going to actually have to prove it to us first. THAT’S the difference.

As I get set to close this, I can’t help but wonder about the infatuation that Redskins fans still seem to have with Robert Griffin III. Kirk Cousins played pretty well last year. He showed he was a true leader in taking the Redskins to the playoffs.

Yet, they still can’t stop thinking about RG3.

They still can’t help but check the ex’s Instagram. Even some nights, when they’re a little drunk, and Kirk is asleep, they still click on the Browns facebook page and see the pics of them together, and maybe laugh with a tinge of jealousy about what the Browns are wearing in that photo of them together. A broad grimace after another sip of red wine.

Yea, Kirk’s a great guy. He’s great to me. But…well…forget it.

There had to be something about Robert that made a Redskins fan fall so hard that they still keep tabs. I don’t trust him yet, but I hope we get to find out.


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