by Beau Bishop

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1) I think J.T. Barrett had better be what he used to be. If Ohio State is going to win the Big Ten and reach the college football playoff, a superb J.T. Barrett is a must. I believe that is what you will see in 2016. Barrett and the offensive staff played and coached last season with tremendous obligation. The staff to Cardale Jones, Braxton Miller, Ezekiel Elliott and every other future NFL pick who returned and Barrett to prove he deserved the job he won the year before. All of that is now gone. In the final two games of last season Ohio State was reminded what Barrett can be, ask Michigan and Notre Dame fans how that went?

2) I think replacing Ezekiel Elliott will be a two man job. Mike Weber will be your starting tailback but I really believe you will see a lot of Curtis Samuel standing next to J.T. Barrett receiving hand-offs. This is not meant as an indictment of Weber, it’s more a belief that Samuel is Ohio State’s greatest weapon and when Urban has a toy this explosive he tends to take full advantage

3) I think the schedule plays out perfectly. The Bucks have a couple of confidence builders for this young team in the opener Saturday against Bowling Green and then next week in hosting Tulsa before going to Norman to play Oklahoma. And that OU game, for all its hype, will mean next to nothing for Ohio State. They will be the underdog and expected to lose. Even a lopsided loss won’t knock them out of the playoff picture and that experience against OU will make this team better for the stretch run when they close with Sparty and Michigan.

If this scenario sounds familiar it should, you all remember 2014 don’t you? Remember that home loss to Virginia Tech? Remember trying to replace Braxton Miller and Carlos Hyde and thinking you had no shot? Yeah me too. That ended with confetti falling in Dallas. This team has that feel, even Urban Meyer is acknowledging it.


4) I think you have never had it better as Buckeye fans.

The recruiting stockpile that Urban Meyer has accumulated allows for a historic draft class to leave and for the expectation to remain unchanged. This team, despite replacing more talent than any contender in America, should contend. You may not know names like Booker, Brown, Weber, Campbell, Hooker and Webb yet but you will. Those names and many more like them have waited patiently for their number to be called, well the bell is ringing, its my bet they answer it. It’s for that reason that I am more looking forward to this Buckeye season than last.

Last year there was no joy. Much like the Cavs during last years regular season, there was a feeling of no matter what they did it wasn’t enough. The Cavaliers overcame that and well we know how that ended. Ohio State wilted. This season that is all gone. This season we’ve got a pack of Ramsay Bolton’s hungry dogs who are ready to eat. First meal set for Saturday at noon.


1) I think next year Tom Herman will be coaching at Texas, Texas A&M, Auburn or LSU but I don’t think he wins Saturday against Oklahoma.

2) I think you will fall in love with FSU’s defense this season and it will start Monday night against Ole Miss.

I think Browns fans are going to like watching their QB play every weekend. No not, RGIII rather Deshaun Watson. He is that good. He opens Saturday at 9 against Auburn. DVR it.

4) I think it’s cool that we have 4 legit powerhouse programs within driving distance. Ohio State, Notre Dame, Michigan State and Michigan could all play with anyone. College football is finally here. Enjoy it!


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