By Nick Wilson, 92.3 The FanBy Nick Wilson | 92.3 The Fan

The Browns are 0-8 on the season and the process has already taken its toll on Browns fans. While apathy has taken hold with regards to the NFL in Cleveland, it’s time to assess the Browns through 8 games and hand out trivial half season awards.

MVP (Player)- Terrelle Pryor- This isn’t particularly close as Pryor has been the lone consistent threat for the Browns offensively this year. He’s had 6 different quarterbacks and it hasn’t mattered.  Pryor’s transition from quarterback to wide receiver is complete and is incredibly impressive. He’s not simply pantomiming the position or accruing easy yards either, the man IS a wide receiver.

Pryor is on pace for a 1000-yard season in his first full season as a wide out and has become a consistent red zone threat. Without Pryor, I shudder to think what the offense would resemble this year.

Worst Missed Draft Pick- Joey Bosa- If given out annually, this would be the most prestigious award in the NFL. Previous winners such as Derek Carr, Tyrann Mathieu and Ladanian Tomlinson would make up an impressive cast for a sure-to-be Emmy-award winning 30 for 30.

This year, the award is not as fatal to the Browns with the early performance by 1st round pick Corey Coleman before his injury. Still, to Browns fan this year’s award offers plenty of candidates to bitch and moan about.

Talk about Carson Wentz or Ezekiel Elliot all you want; the Browns offense isn’t the main issue this year. Bosa’s emergence has helped the Chargers find their footing and he has shown himself to be more than a pass rusher. Bosa’s ability to play all 3 downs would likely help the Browns issues in the run game in addition to adding a consistent pass rushing threat to opposing quarterbacks.

MVP (Leadership) – Sashi Brown – Hue Jackson deserves an incredible amount of support for the job he’s been doing through an 0-8 start. Panic could’ve set in 4 weeks ago but Hue continues to keep his message flowing with no mutiny in sight.

That said, Sashi gets this award for his impressive deal making skills. He got a 4th round pick for a punter (Andy Lee,) a 5th round pick for Barkevious Mingo and then managed to trade for a dominant defensive asset in Jamie Collins while surrendering just a compensatory 3rd round pick.

His first draft also appears to have landed an impressive crop of talent with Corey Coleman, Emmanuel Ogbah, Carl Nassib, Cody Kessler and Derrick Kindred all flashing varying degrees of potential while receiving steady playing time.

He still must make the picks successfully AND resign Collins but it’s tough to hate the job Sashi Brown has done in the first 11 months of the new regime.

Quarterback Of The Year- Cody Kessler- A dubious award if there ever was one but this year there are 6 quarterbacks to choose from. Kessler has made good on Hue Jackson’s bold post draft “trust me” claim and has been able to take an incredible amount of abuse behind an inconsistent & injury prone offensive line.

Draft classmates Dak Prescott and Carson Wentz might have better numbers but neither is dealing with the talent level that Kessler is forced to work with every week. Now…let’s just see if Kessler’s arm strength can improve over the next 8 games or 2-3 years.

Epitome Of Ray Farmer’s Draft “Process” – Cam Erving- Cam has always struck me as a honest & hard working guy but the experiment with him at center feels about over. He’s either too big or not physically talented enough to man the position and the running game suffers when he’s at the helm of the offensive line. This feels like the perfect time to re-watch a recent Erving “gem.”

Most Improved Player- Danny Shelton- With so many draft picks, Ray Farmer had to get one right. That is looking more and more like it’s going to be Danny Shelton. With more snaps, Shelton has become a consistent performer in the run game and has started to show the ability to generate pressure on opposing quarterbacks.

Catchphrase/Buzzword Of The Year- The Process- The Browns subliminal means of communicating their true intentions for the 2016 season can be seen in their frequent use of known-franchise tanker Sam Hinkie. Whether it’s Hue Jackson’s near daily use or Cody Kessler’s random drops about his “process,” it can’t be denied that the process is taking over Cleveland.

Not impressed yet? Listen to Kessler’s subtle process drops from several weeks back, just 2 starts into his pro career.

The Browns are processing so hard, somewhere Hinkie is doing unspeakable things to himself at this extension of his work.


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