By Nick Wilson, 92.3 The FanBy Nick Wilson | 92.3 The Fan

The Cavs are boring. Like San Antonio boring.

After 2 seasons of questions, drama & a circus like atmosphere surrounded the team, they seemed to have settled down thanks to their championship run.

On the court, the team is performing at a phenomenal level. Ball movement, shooting & timely defense have the Cavs out to an 8-1 start. All 3 members of the Big 3 are averaging over 20 points per game and the bench has given the Cavs a boost when necessary.

Even better, the locker room atmosphere seems to have calmed too. I never experienced the dramatic settings that reportedly surrounded this team the past 2 years.

That said, the ever-present pressure from the last 2 years has dissipated and the Cavs fun loving side (which has always been present) is even more obvious. Channing Frye & Richard Jefferson’s mischievousness are going to make this team a lot of fun to watch.

Let Golden State have the headlines as the new power foursome evolves, the Cavs are boring and Cleveland shouldn’t want it any other way.

Kyrie Irving…He Good- Maybe it was the NBA title or Olympic basketball or maybe its health. Whatever the circumstances, Kyrie Irving is a dramatically better player this year.

Kyrie was coming off a knee injury and struggled with his outside shot all last season. Those struggles have disappeared through 9 games this year.

He’s shooting 40% from 3 this year and he’s averaging a career high (23.9) in points per game. While defense & shot selection can still use improving, this is the best iteration of KI we’ve ever seen.

Kyrie’s ceiling will be the key to the Cavs ability to move past the LeBron James era successfully. At just 23 years of age, KI is showing that ceiling could still be remarkably high.

Iman Shumpert Looks Good- Iman Shumpert’s had a whirlwind 12 months. A wrist injury & inconsistent play last season, the Cavs won a title, his name has been all over the trade rumor mill & a position switch to start this season. After a rough start to the year, his play has excelled in the past 5 games.

Almost all of Shump’s stats are above where he was last year but most importantly his play at the point continues to develop and impress. It’s 9 games but if Shumpert can fill the backup point guard spot, the Cavs will be able to address other needs at the trade deadline.

Block Party, Part One- Charlotte’s Frank Kaminsky remains an enigma in his second year. The 23-year-old has not played up to his draft selection (9th overall in 2014) but he remains a 7-footer that can consistently shoot the 3. One area he might want to work on is his ability in the paint. As such, LeBron James offered him a reminder on Sunday that the NBA is a man’s league.

Self-Block Party, Part One- Former Cavalier Spencer Hawes continues to be an effective role player in the NBA. Now in his 9th season, Hawes is an 18 minute per game player that can score & rebound. One thing Hawes is not would be a future dunk competition change. Exhibit A from the Cavs-Hornets game on Sunday.

Spencer Hawes just ruined dunking for white guys everywhere.

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