By Alex Hooper | 92.3 The Fan

You opened this story. You clicked it. That’s a start.

We all know that football and Lady Gaga aren’t two things that go hand-in-hand. Don’t be like everyone else. Don’t be that guy, be the guy that surprises people. Don’t be on the wrong side of history.

People will cite the meat dress, the bubble dress, any number of dresses. People will talk about the controversy.

But the story is changing. Stefani Germanotta has one of the greatest voices on planet Earth, and people are choosing to ignore it.

I get it. Pop music does not do a great job of showcasing the best voices in the world, but it makes money. Some of the worst voices in music make a lot of money.

If you are like me, you like sports. That’s why we’re both here. If you’re like me, and you like sports, you like greatness. Gaga is greatness.

Do you remember this?

If you listened to it the first time, you probably haven’t forgotten. It was a bit theatrical for people already predisposed to be annoyed by her antics. Antics that got her enough recognition to get that opportunity, no less.

Lady Gaga will not always be the pseudo-Madonna of her early career. As a matter of fact, she has already moved past that.

The woman has a Golden Globe as an actress, 12 Guinness World Records, and even performed a flawless Sound of Music medley at the Oscars.

Gaga began as a lounge singer, and is as well-rounded vocally as any singer ever. If you haven’t heard, and if you made it this far in this story, you probably have; Gaga has made music with Tony Bennett. It’s quite a departure from her occasionally German Industrial Techno-inspired pop.

So I ask you, as Gaga would ask you to approach anything, go into it with an open mind.

There will probably be antics, there will probably be something that gets people talking about non-music related topics. There will be pop music, and you won’t like all of it. I’m a huge fan of the woman, and there is a lot of it that I’m not crazy about.

But I’m a sports fan, like you. I’m telling you, it’s OK.

You can like this. You owe it to yourself to try.

If you still think it’s not for you, I think you’re crazy, and making a concerted effort to be so.

If you think the woman isn’t talented, you’re wrong.


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