By Nick Wilson, 92.3 The FanBy Nick Wilson | 92.3 The Fan

I don’t care if Myles Garrett wants to come to Cleveland.

I don’t care if Myles Garrett takes time to learn Cleveland Browns history before the draft.

Nor do I care if Myles Garrett touts the greatest fans on Earth as you, of the Cleveland Browns.

I only care that Texas A & M Defensive End Myles Garrett is easily the best player in this year’s NFL Draft.

With no apparent quarterback worthy of the number one pick, you should only care that Garrett lines up with his fingers in the dirt this September while clad in brown and orange.

With all of the smokescreens going around & concern about if Myles Garrett”Gets Us,” its time to remind everyone why he’s still 100% the right guy for the Browns at 1.

One of Garrett’s better games in 2016 came against UTSA which is instantly devalued because of the quality of competition. Yet without considering talent, there are little things Garrett does here that are spectacular.

He shows the ability to bend to get around the tackle, blows up the running back sent to help in protection which helps collapse the pocket. He also doesn’t quit on the play and comes back to get the sack. Tough to question the motor after watching this.

While his box score against Alabama is obsessed about, Garrett proves that overall impact isn’t just measured in numbers.

On this goal-line stand, Garrett takes away the most optimal route for the quarterback here while attached to a guard and then pushes the QB to the outside. Garrett and the man holding down the edge save a touchdown here.

We’ve already established his ability to support the run game. Here is Myles Garrett stopping a runner practically as he gets the ball. Oh, and it’s against Alabama too.

What makes Garrett most special is his ability to generate a play within a play.

A player of lesser athleticism or grit might give up on this play or taken the undisciplined angle. Garrett play the quarterback with discipline then displays the incredible athleticism to turn this into a turnover.

The fit isn’t merely on the field with Garrett. In case anyone has lingering questions on Garrett the person, THIS is the video you should watch before saying yes or no on the Aggie.

In Cleveland, we want our players to WANT to be here.

In Cleveland, we want our players to LOVE this town.

In Cleveland, we want our players to GET US.

If Myles Garrett lives up to his potential, these made-up concerns about him will be a laughing matter in a decade. Myles Garrett will “get us,” he just needs to get here first.


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