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Baskin & Phelps revealed their latest QB Power Rankings for the Browns this offseason. Listen to the Podcast below to hear explanations for each set of rankings.

Andy Baskin:
1) Jimmy Garoppolo
2) Cody Kessler
3) Tyrod Taylor
4) AJ McCarron
5) “The Kids” (Kizer/Watson/Trubisky)

Jeff Phelps:
1) Kirk Cousins
2) Mitch Trubisky
3) Deshone Kizer
4) Mike Glennon
5) Cody Kessler

Chris Fillar:
1) Jimmy Garoppolo
2) Deshone Kizer
3) Deshaun Watson
4) Mitch Trubisky
5) Tyrod Taylor

Nick Fink:
1) Deshaun Watson
2) Patrick Mahomes II
3) Tyrod Taylor
4) Cody Kessler
5) Deshone Kizer

Listen to the Podcast here:


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