INDIANAPOLIS (92.3 The Fan) – When it comes to quarterbacks in the NFL, size matters to Browns head coach Hue Jackson.

Good thing for Mentor, Ohio native Mitch Trubisky it won’t be a problem.

Trubisky measured in at 6-2 1/8 Thursday morning at the NFL Combine. He weighed in at 222 pounds and his hand measured 9 1/2 checking off all the important boxes for Jackson.

“I think that’s great,” Jackson said. “It’s good that he’s over 6-2. We all have a profile for what we like a quarterback to be and I think you kind of work through that. I like a guy that’s a little taller and he is over 6-2 so that’s great for him.”

For Jackson, 6-2 is as low as he’s willing to go at the position.

“I think a guy has to be about 6-2 to play in this league,” Jackson said. “The special guys, I don’t want to take anything away from any of the other quarterbacks—there have been guys who have played in this league who are not 6-2, but the majority of the guys who have played are 6-2 or a little bit better and that’s just what I like in a quarterback.”

While measurables aren’t the end-all be-all at several positions, they are at quarterback in Jackson’s opinion.

“I think it’s important. When you talk about profiles, you want a guy to be a certain height, a certain weight, a certain speed, all those things,” Jackson said. “But there are other factors that are factored in there too about arm talent, processing and all of the other things we talked about. So it’s a piece of it, but it’s an important piece.”

One of the criticisms of Trubisky is experience. He only started 13 games at North Carolina but that isn’t nearly as important to Jackson as analysts make it out to be.

“Well, it is a small sample size but at the same time he still played,” Jackson said. “He shows…I don’t think that’s what’s important. If a guy demonstrates the characteristics you’re looking for, I think it’s important to keep digging and find out more but I don’t get concerned about that part of it as long as a guy can do what we need him to do.”

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