No matter what your ancestral heritage, one thing is for certain. Come March 17th you are Irish for the day. St. Patrick’s Day in America is marked by religious observances, parades, parties and pub crawls that begin early in the morning and last to closing time in the wee hours of the next day. Cleveland is blessed with dozens of Irish themed pubs, bars and restaurants who go out of their way to make everyone feel welcome. Each establishment features traditional food and drink that pays homage to the Emerald Isle. Check out some of the more popular watering holes and restaurants listed below.
P.J. McIntyre’s
17119 Lorain Ave.
Cleveland, OH
(216) 941-9311

At the corner of North Rocky River and Lorain Avenue sits Kamm’s Corner where what is locally known as “The Green Mile” begins. Come St. Patrick’s Day thousands of merry makers will converge on this area pretty much putting traffic at a standstill as they pub crawl the various bars including Public House, Back Stage Bar, West Park Station and of course P.J. McIntyre’s that opens at 7 a.m. and  where the first 100 purchasing customers get a free P.J. McIntyre’s St. Patrick’s Day collectors T-shirt. Traditional Irish drink and pub food will be made available as people gather to make new friends, listen to Irish music and bag pipes, sample some corn beef and bend an elbow for a taste of Guinness; all while having a grand time doing it. P.J. McIntyre’s also hosts a Lucky Charms eating contest in the morning of March 17th.

Flannery’s Pub
323 East Prospect Ave.
Cleveland, OH
(216) 781-7782

Their motto is “The Pub You’ve Been Training For.” Located just around the corner from where the Cleveland, Ohio St. Patrick’s Day Parade ends (across from Quicken Loans Arena at the corner of 4th St. and Prospect) it is the perfect place to rejuvenate after the grueling six or seven city blocks parade hike. This establishment prides itself as the only Irish pub in Cleveland that pours a perfect 20 oz. pint. Flannery’s features a wide selection of Irish scotch and whisky, 15 imported draft beers and traditional Irish recipes and American comfort foods made from scratch.

Hooley House Sports Pub and Grille
24940 Sperry Drive
Westlake, OH
(440) 835-2891

Hooley (who-lee) is an Irish term for an informal home kitchen party. In Ireland it is not uncommon for neighbors to drop by with their favorite dish, favorite drink and musical instrument for an evening of singing, dancing, drinking and eating. Hooley House Sports Pub and Grille was founded by a diverse group of family and friends who got together to create a unique sports bar experience. The pub features free Wi-Fi as well as three large projection HD screens along with twenty-five 55” LED TVs showing every sporting event you could desire. There are Hooley Houses in Brooklyn, Mentor, Montrose and Westlake.

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The Harp Irish Pub & Restaurant
4408 Detroit Avenue
Cleveland, OH
(216) 939-0200

“Where the Craic is Mighty!” Craic (pronounced Crack) is Gaelic for “awesome fun” and this award winning pub with the lake view certainly lives up to its reputation. The Harp features a wide selection of local & imported beers, wines and liquors including 13 whiskeys, Guinness, Harp Lager and Smithwick’s on tap, a fireplace and Irish American bartenders. Open at 8 a.m. on St. Patrick’s Day they will serve over 800 lbs. or more of corned beef throughout the day. Live Irish music is featured in a heated tent at 9 p.m.

The Flat Iron Café
1114 Center Street
Cleveland, OH
(216) 696-6968

Established in 1910, The Flat Iron has always been the classic working man’s Irish bar. For the twenty years when original owner Izzy Cohen ran the place certain foods would be served on certain days such as Meat Loaf and Mash Potatoes on Monday, Corn Beef and Cabbage on Wednesday and Lake Erie Yellow Perch on Fridays. These same recipes survive to this day. Although St. Patrick’s Day falls on a Friday this year you can bet that corn beef will be heavily featured on the menu. There will be live music as well. Located in the Cleveland Flats it is across from the Center Street Swinging Bridge.

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