LaVar Ball joined 92.3 The Fan’s Bull & Fox to talk about a wide range of topics, including comments that he’s made about his oldest son, Lonzo, being better than Steph Curry.

Ball opened up the conversation being honest about what the listeners in Cleveland were about to hear.

“Whatever I’ve said, I don’t regret,” Ball told Adam and Dustin. “I think about it before I say it. I say exactly what I felt.”

Ball also touched on the comments he made about white players on UCLA.

“They twisted that up, they made it seem like I’m racist,” Ball said. “The foot speed is slower, that’s all I said.”

“I only blame one person when they lose, and it’s the same person every time. Whenever we lose, I blame my son. You’re a leader, so when you win it’s your fault and when you lose it’s your fault.”

‘Bull’ also asked LaVar whether or not his comments are bothersome to any of his sons. Ball said his sons don’t mind what he says, because he knows what they are thinking.

“It’s not that I’m changing, I’ve been the same the whole time,” Ball said.

Ball added that he’s not worried about the impact of his comments on his son’s futures.

“When your head gets bigger than what it is, now [that’s when] we’ve got a problem.”

“My boys are not intimidated,” Ball said. “They know if they’ve got to say something, they can come to me … they are not scared of me.”

Here’s a few more highlights from LaVar Ball’s interview with Bull & Fox, with a man who says he doesn’t care about anything except his family:

On his previous comments that he could beat Michael Jordan in one-on-one in his collegiate days: “No, I don’t think I can beat him. I know I can beat him one-on-one. I was 270 pounds back then, jumping out of the gym, bench 500 pounds. If the game was played one-on-one, I’d be the champion of the world.”

On what LeBron and other NBA stars think about him: “Who cares about LeBron James? I don’t care about LeBron. I care about my family.”

On people rooting against Lonzo Ball in the pros: “Lonzo doesn’t care about everybody else … If I knew this was bothering my son, would I stop it? No, because I know what he’s about it and he knows what I’m about it. We roll with each other through right or wrong”


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