By Mario McKellop

Cleveland’s culinary scene is one of the finest in Midwest for a few different reasons. For one thing, it relatively low property costs are enticing to entrepreneurial-minded chefs who want to realize their dreams. It’s robust and diverse immigrant community has produced generations of professional cooks who specialize in blending old world flavors and innovative modern techniques. And because it sits on the shores of Lake Erie, local chefs have access to different types of very palatable freshwater fish. Becuase of those qualities, Cleveland’s fish sandwiches are a cut above the rest.

The Park View Nite Club
1261 W. 58th St.
Cleveland, OH 44102
(216) 916-1341

Once featured on the Food Network’s Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives, the Park View Nite Club is a relaxed local bar that boasts a warm and inviting atmosphere. In keeping with its status as a beloved neighborhood watering hole, Park View runs fantastic food and beer specials on a daily basis. And in keeping with its status as a proper Cleveland institution, the bar has plenty of Fathead, Great Lakes and Dogfish beer on tap. The bar’s most appealing aspect is its surprisingly sophisticated menu. Some of it’s most enjoyable dishes includes a scrumptious walleye on Kaiser Roll sandwich and its savory and delicious smoked salmon B.L.T.

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Local West
7400 Detroit Ave.
Cleveland, OH 44102
(216) 417-7001

Local West is a low-key bistro that prides itself on its craft beers and locally-sourced craft sandwiches. In addition to carrying selections from Jackie O’s, Fathead’s and Great Lakes, the restaurant also stocks fine craft brews from Illinois’ Revolution and New York’s Magic Hat. It also serves some succulent burgers, delectable chicken sandwiches and tasty gyros. Its trademark fish sandwich is the Upstream BLT, a salmon, bacon, lettuce and tomato delight on 9-grain bread.

Crop Bistro & Bar
2537 Lorain Ave.
Cleveland, OH 44113
(216) 696-2767

Named one of Cleveland’s best restaurants by The Thrillist, the Crop Bistro & Bar is a sleek and modern restaurant that pulsates with vibrancy and urbanity.  The Crop has a sensational dinner and drinks menu, including a range of colorful libations and locally-sourced artisanal cheeses, appetizing appetizers and mouthwatering meat and vegetarian entrees. Its lunch menu is equally marvelous. It’s braised pork, bacon, pork loin and macaroni and cheese plate is wonderful, as is its grilled salmon, arugula, lemon aioli, Applewood smoked bacon and tomato B.L.T.

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The South Side
2207 W. 11th St.
Cleveland, OH
(216) 937-2288

The elegant and contemporary South Side is a sublime eatery that is one of Cleveland’s best first date restaurants. It’s intimate and amiable atmosphere and extensive wine list makes it a great place to have long and involved conversations in. And it’s varied and innovative menu makes it a great place for second and third dates, too. While South Side features many superb fish dishes, but its iconic blackened grouper sandwich, made with farm fresh lettuce, citrus aioli, tomato and Monterey Jack cheese, is its stand out.

Don’s Lighthouse Grille
8905 Lake Ave., Suite 1
Cleveland, OH 44102
(216) 961-6700

Situated in the heart of Downtown Cleveland, Don’s Lighthouse Grille is a laid back and cozy restaurant that really captures the essence of the city. Its classical styling and boldly modern offerings make it an ideal location for business lunches and family dinners. And with its focus seafood dishes, Don’s serves an assortment of sapid fish sandwiches. Its highlights include an enticing New England style langostino roll and its signature lightly breaded fried fish sandwich.

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