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FOX Sports’ Colin Cowherd joined Bull & Fox in Cleveland to chat about a variety of topics – but most important LeBron Jamess greatness and how he stacks up to Michael Jordan.

Cowherd also touched on why LeBron’s career could end up being better than Jordan’s with fewer titles, and whether or not the Cavs can win back-to-back championships.

Before the interview was over – Cowherd commented on the latest round of on-air staff cuts at ESPN.

Here’s a transcript of what Cowherd had to say:

“Years ago when I used to work at ESPN, they signed an NBA contract and ESPN was paying the NBA $400 million a year, and it was reported as I was driving to work that day they had signed the NBA for $1.4 billion.

I told my producers … ‘fellas, it’ll never be the same here.’ You can not pay four times for the house what you paid for the house last year. And I said this company will never be the same.

It was at that point I started looking, and this is not going to end today. They have really cost-prohibitive contracts, combined with cord-cutting.

I said this when they cut 850 people, I said it the next day, it’s awful, and it will happen annually for the next decade. You have to have contracts …

I’ll give you an example – at Fox we pay $1.1 billion for the NFL. You have the 1 o’clock window and the 4 o’clock window, wild card games, NFC Championship, and two of the next four Super Bowls. We make a lot of money on the NFL … ESPN pays $1.9 billion, gets a bunch of highlights, no Super Bowls, and one increasingly irrelevant Monday Night Football game.

We have a great NFL contract, they have a really marginalized NFL contract. These firings are awful. It makes me sick.

The good news is – most of the people let go are really talented, but this is all about business, and when you have overpaid for products, sometimes six and seven hundred million more than you had to pay, certainly with the NBA that’s the case, they just pay way too much for it. This is the result, it’s awful, and I think unfortunately this was the first of a 10-year deal with the NBA and I just feel awful – there’s are a lot of good people.

Here’s the good news, they’re not letting go of the worst people. They’re often letting go of the most expensive people they feel they can let go. So there’s a lot of really talented people out there over the next couple of weeks on the market. My feeling about it is that a lot of them are going to land in really good places.

So if you are hiring and you are looking for writers and editors and radio people and TV people, the market has got 100 people now and a lot of them are really good.”

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