Cleveland Browns Executive Vice President of Football Operations Sashi Brown joined Ken Carman and Anthony Lima to recap all the moves made by the team in the 2017 NFL draft.

Sashi told us if the media affects the teams decisions, what he thinks of head coach Hue Jackson sharing information with the NFL Network’s Mike Silver, and if the Browns have talked trades about Kirk Cousins or Joe Thomas.

Brown also was asked if the front office consulted the Haslam’s before drafting Caleb Brantley.

Regarding 2nd round pick DeShone Kizer, QB out of Notre Dame, Brown said that the team wants to give Kizer the “chance to come in and solidify himself as an NFL quarterback.”

More from Sashi Brown:

“Ideally we’d be able to come in and give DeShone some time and again, Hue (Jackson) talked about this. .. making sure he understands that he doesn’t feel like he has to have the pressure on him to be the week one starter or even the 2017 starter at some point. We like Cody, we like Brock, we like Kevin and he doesn’t need to feel that pressure.”

“We won’t rest until we solidify that position … It’s not solidified right now, so we know we need the guys here to work their tails off and Hue is going to develop them as much as possible and push them to be their best and we also know that until we get it solidified, we’re going to continue looking for players all over the league and in college.”

“That may be in next year’s draft, it may be in free agency, it may be via trade. But again, Brock , Cody, and Kevin are here working hard and we’re going to support them as best we can.”

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