By Mario McKellop

As far as deserts go, donuts are pretty much the best. Their balance of sweetness, softness and colorful array of toppings and fillings make them among the very finest of confections. And given the vibrancy and diversity of Cleveland’s culinary scene, the Land is an excellent place to find donuts of remarkable flavor and texture. Here are the five places where the very best donuts in Cleveland’s can be found.

Jack Frost Donuts
4960 Pearl Road
Cleveland, OH 44109 US
(216) 351-3638

Jack Frost Donuts are known for two things. Making every batch of their signature desserts from scratch and making more than 200 varieties of donut. And the culinary creatives at this shop have done some truly wondrous things with fried dough. Cereal fans will likely love its white icing and Apple Jacks donut while chocolate fiends will delight in trying the Death by Chocolate, which is made with chocolate cream, chocolate custard, chocolate icing, chocolate syrup drizzle and a chocolate hazelnut pirouette stick.

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Royal Donut
5759 State Road
Cleveland, OH 44134
(440) 884-1131

As opposed to Jack Frost, Royal Donut isn’t about wowing its customers with incredible variety but rather dazzling them with their unique take on the iconic pastry. For instance, their yeast-based glazed and ice donuts are widely held as the best in the city due to their extraordinary lightness. It’s utter delicious Bavarian, strawberry, raspberry, lemon and angel cream Bismarcks are held in similar esteem. And for those who like their donuts to be a little savory, Royal’s maple bacon long john is highly recommended.

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Becker’s Donuts, Bakery and Cakes
22088 Lorain Road
Fairview Park, OH 44126
(440) 734-9856

A regional institution since 1956, Becker’s Donuts, Bakery and Cakes has earned its place on the local landscape by provided Clevelanders with incomparable donuts, cakes, strudels, bear claws and other fine pastries. While their cake and filled donuts are phenomenal, Becker’s French crullers are the best in the city. In a world obsessed with finding the latest new food trend, there’s something heartening about eating donuts made using recipes created almost a century ago.

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Spudnut Donuts
650 Prospect St.
Berea, OH 44017
(440) 234-4249

Spudnut Donuts’ delectable offerings are not only different from all the shops on this list, they’re different than those found anywhere else in the state. The reason being, Spudnut makes their scrumptious donuts using potato flour. Consequently, their donuts are fluffier and tenderer than those made with wheat-based flour. And they possess a unique taste and texture that pairs especially well with classic donut flavors such as toasted coconut, cinnamon and sugar glaze.

Colozza’s Bakery      
5880 Ridge Road
Parma, OH 44129
(440) 885-0453

While Colozza’s Bakery’s bread and butter are their cakes, pies, cookies and Danishes, it’s their seasonal fare that earns them a place on this list. Due to its large Polish community, Northeast Ohio is home a number of bakeries that produce the rich deep-fried dough Lenten treats called paczkis. Every year, this bakery stocks paczkis in traditional flavors like poppy seed, apricot and prune as well as more decadent varieties such as custard, peanut banana fudge and strawberry mousse. To truly appreciate Cleveland’s culinary heritage, you simply must try a paczki. And there are few that can match the quality of those found at Colozza’s.


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