The most interesting story on Monday comes via ESPN’s Chris Haynes, a day after the Warriors routed the Cavaliers 132-113 in Game Two of the NBA Finals.

The story goes, according to Haynes, that the two dropped the track back in the summer of 2011 when the pair was working out together in Akron.

Some really interesting stuff:

Both players are music junkies, and in between workouts they decided to kill some time by writing their own lyrics and heading to the booth, sources told ESPN.

One person who has heard the song says he recalls Durant rapping the first verse, James hopping on for the second and then Durant finishing it off.

LeBron James had 29 points, 14 rebounds, and 11 assists in Game 2, so we doubt that he’s thinking much about a rap track from six years ago at this point, with the Cavaliers down in an 0-2 NBA Finals hole.

Haynes reports both players have confirmed the existence of the track, but it’s whereabouts are unknown.

Is it good, though? That’s the real question

One individual who listened said it was “a quality track” and added that the lyrics were “surprisingly well-crafted and delivered.” It was so aesthetically pleasing that there were discussions about it being featured in the 2012 film Thunderstruck, which starred Durant.

“I heard the track years ago during post-production for Thunderstruck,” said agent Eric Goodwin, who executive produced the film and once represented both Durant and James. “It was very good. I suggested submitting it to Warner Brothers for the movie soundtrack, but KD wanted to keep it private.”

Durant dropped 33 points in Game 2 on Sunday night. Game 3 of the NBA Finals is Wednesday night in Cleveland.

[h/t FTW]



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