CLEVELAND (92.3 The Fan) – Steph Curry denies that he engaged in a disrespectful act in celebration of Kevin Durant’s 3-pointer that put Golden State in front for good in the final minute of Game 3 Wednesday night.

Durant’s shot over LeBron James gave the Warriors the lead for good, 114-113 with 45.3 seconds remaining.

After Durant made the shot, Curry could be seen squatting as if mimicking going to the bathroom on the Cavs floor. He even removed his mouthpiece to do it before he ran up the floor to play defense.

Curry claimed Thursday that the celebration wasn’t meant to be disrespectful.

“It’s all spontaneous, yeah. I wish I could have a little bit more control over the reactions in certain situations,” Curry said. “I really don’t know what I did last night. Like I saw it, no, I saw it, I just — I don’t know what I was doing.

“I even dropped my mouthpiece because I was so uncoordinated in that sense.”

When pressed on the intent of the celebration Curry added, “No Randy Moss. None of that stuff. Just having fun, I guess.”

In the first quarter Curry walked near James, who was laying on the floor following a violent collision with teammate Tristan Thompson, and clapped several times as if to applaud James being down.

The Warriors, who lost to the Cavs in 7 games last June in The Finals, can sweep the series with the victory Friday night in Game 4.

And a close up…

Here’s Steph’s explanation on the situation

  1. Sean Currey says:

    I LOVE THE INTERNET!!! I can tune into Cleveland sports to hear your side of Bron Bron worship. Last time I listened all day was the “Decision” to hear your side. Was like universe was swallowed into a black hole.

    I get in here today to listen to your perspective and strategy of how you can get back in the series and I get this poop on the court thing. FYI Cleveland no one in the Bay or the rest of country that I am listening to on the interweds saw this, is talking about it or even read into the celebration in anyway!!!

    Lets talk strategy…

    I want the Cavs slow this game down get dirty 70’s / 80’s pounding basketball and get a fighting grind win. The whole series changed last year when Bron Bron caused Green in him in the balls and got suspened… do it again!!! You cannot beat the Dubs playing their ball.

    Keep it positive Clevland and tell Bron Bron to let someone coach him to change their strategy up and get this win!!!

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