CLEVELAND (92.3 the Fan) – The locker room felt different after a Game Four win, it tends to after big victories. In one corner was Kyle Korver eating some post game chicken, the other was Lebron stretching out on the floor.

The wine and gold live to fight another day after all, and the mood had definitely reflected change. As I prepped myself to get questions into the media scrums at the lockers, I thought to myself  “Would J.R. delete his hacked tweet predicting a Cavs title in seven after THIS game?”

I didn’t get a chance to ask that question though, it seemed unprofessional and more importantly, a waste of people’s time. After all, I knew what his answer would be. This team just has no quit in them.

Fortunately, J.R. isn’t shy or reserved with his feelings. The twelve year veteran knows it isn’t easy playing down in a series.

“When are backs our against the wall we come out swinging. For whatever reason that’s when we are at our best when we’re up against a lot of adversity, and we showed it. Nobody wanted to go home, especially on our own court.“

The sentiment was shared throughout though. Kyle Korver gets this team has a different makeup.

“Sometimes it’s easier just to let the season be over, but that’s not this team and I don’t think anyone ever really questioned that in this locker room.”

Richard Jefferson, after a night that saw him scrap and claw, got in on the festive mood too.

“If you’re going to win a championship, if you’re going to win finals games, everyone is going to have to play and contribute. There is no night offs, we got next, this is it and guys showed that tonight.”

Jefferson was so good it had J.R. speaking high on his teammates efforts.

“We came out aggressive, but the difference maker was Jefferson. The way he defended and got the loose balls. His energy and communication that he brought tonight was pretty extreme. If we had a game ball to give it to, it’d be him.”

Away from the cameras as J.R. sat getting dressed, he asked one of the reporters what day they would play next. It appeared it honestly hadn’t crossed his mind. One game at a time until you get four wins is all that matters.

Smith wasn’t alone in that thinking, Tristan Thompson shared the same thoughts.

“One game at a time, the most important game is game five at The Oracle. We’ve been here before.”

Yes we have Tristan, yes we have.


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