Getting a little ahead of ourselves, are we?

Talk about jumping the gun! Someone at AC Transit, Oakland’s public transportation system, got a little ahead of themselves when they mistakenly distributed the detour plan surrounding the Warriors Parade.

The plan, set to be for June 13, was accidentally posted in a few area buses in anticipation of a sweep.

According to Robert Lyles, Media Affairs Manager for AC Transit:

The flyers were mistakenly printed and distributed on some of the coaches of AC Transit, which serves the Alameda and Contra Costa counties in the East Bay Area. The plan was to place these where the public could see them in case there was a parade after Game 4, and the parade actually occurred on this day.  AC Transit must alert their riders of any possible service disruptions and they are still investigating how many flyers were posted on their coaches and how this was released after Game 4.

Here is the original tweet sent to us by Twitter-user @calebcohen:

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