With all of the rumors surround Chauncey Billups, the Bull and Fox welcomed in one of his previous coaches, Larry Brown, to give Cleveland his perspective on the current state of the NBA.  First, the Hall of Fame coach lamented on the woes of the New York Knicks.

At the 5:30 mark in the interview, Brown said, “I think it’s sad.  I think Carmelo handled it really well.  He doesn’t deserve it.  Anytime you are part of a team you are subject to being traded and everyone knows that, but it doesn’t need to be public knowledge.”

The conversation turned to Billups at the 9:30 mark with Bull and Fox: “He’s just a really positive decent guy.  Not only, a great player but someone you would be happy to follow because whatever he’d ask you to do or demand of you he’d demand it from himself.  I think that’s pretty special.  When you can play in the league and be around the league as long as he has and not have people say anything bad about him, you know he’s got to be pretty decent.”  When Adam the Bull followed up about the confidence level of his old point guard, Brown said, “Don’t be nervous.  He’s smart enough to surround himself with bright people.”

Larry Brown started coaching in the ABA in 1972 and wound up leading 10 franchises ending with the Charlotte Bobcats before returning to the NCAA.  However, he is not a fan of the way the game has progressed and said this at the 15 minute mark of the interview: “The game has changed and I don’t think it’s for the better.  Everyone is trying to play like Golden State.  Nobody is like Golden State.  That’s just a unique collection of kids that all are skilled and all can handle the ball and can shoot and all can pass first.”

Finally, you don’t want to miss the end of the interview when the Hall of Famer talked about the most competitive player he ever coached… Allen Iverson.

For more quotes from Larry, check out producer Keith’s tweets about Coach Brown here.


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