Chris Broussard of FOX Sports 1 joined Ken Carman and Anthony Lima to talk about the latest with the Cavs off-season. Chris told Ken and Anthony if he thinks the Cavs and Chauncey Billups are close to signing a deal for him to run the team and if Chauncey has outsidee influences keeping him from take on the role.

Chris also talked about whether he thinks David Griffin is irreplaceable  and if Chauncey might be trying to make moves for the Cavs even though he doesn’t have a deal in place yet.

Chris gave his thoughts on the possibility of LeBron James leaving Cleveland after next season and what are the only two things that would make him look for another team in free agency. Chris brought up the fact that LeBron’s camp hasn’t let information out before his previous moves so the thought that he is already telling people that he wants to move over a year from now is being blown out of proportion.

Chris told Ken and Anthony which team he knows LeBron would never join and why.

Chris ended talking about a potential buyout of Dwyane Wade and if the Big 3 league can be sustainable.



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