CLEVELAND (92.3 the Fan) – Terry Francona will not manage the team for the second straight night, as the Indians take on the Padres in Game Two of a three game series on Wednesday. Indians President Chris Antonetti says Francona will remain at the Cleveland Clinic for another test today and “a couple more days.”

Brad Mills will again manage the team in the interim.

Francona missed the opening game of the series to undergo tests at the Clinic for symptoms that have forced the manager to miss two full games to this point, and leave two separate games.

Antonetti stayed away from specifics of the matter out of respect to his manager, but remained steadfast that any major concerns had been ruled out, and optimistic that the matter would be figured out in the near future.

The team has not discussed a leave of absence for Francona to focus on his health, though Antonetti said the team would explore the option if it became necessary.

“But at this point, that’s not something we expect,” Antonetti said.

That sentiment was a sort of blanket statement for the entire process, as Antonetti also dismissed the idea of Francona missing the All-Star Game in Miami, as well as potentially adding another staff member to the Indians bench. Both statements were made under the condition of “taking things a step at a time,” and the idea that they could change if warranted.

The manager did watch the 1-0 loss to the Padres on Tuesday, exchanging texts with Antonetti throughout. The President and GM Mike Chernoff paid a visit to Francona on Wednesday morning, discussing team matters, including ongoing trade discussions.

“He’s actively engaged and actively itching to get back, but  as I’ve shared with him, the most important thing for all of us is his health, his long-term health and we want to make sure we get him back healthy and ready to lead us the rest of the way,” Antonetti said.

“He loves what he does,” Antonetti added. “He’s very passionate about the organization and very passionate about baseball and loves being in the dugout and he’s itching to get back. If it were left to him, he’d be back in the dugout.”


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