By Nick Wilson | 92.3 The Fan

The one certainty from Thursday night’s preseason opener against New Orleans: The Cam Erving Experiment continues to be an abysmal failure.

In his 3rd camp in the NFL, Erving has been facing off against Shon Coleman for the available position at right tackle. While Coleman hasn’t exactly been Mitchell Schwartz, Erving’s performance Thursday night would illicit cries of potential from his apologists if there were any left.

That’s what you do in football when you have no leg to stand on from a performance standpoint.

To say Erving’s performance was laughable would indicate there was something worthy of laughing about. He was called for multiple penalties on the 1st drive alone, whiffed on blocks multiple times throughout the game and struggle to make any positive impact on the field.

Erving was even trending on Twitter during the game. It wasn’t the good kind of trending in case you’re wondering.

Versatility is supposedly the calling card of Erving. He’s played 4 of the 5 spots on the offensive line but he’s been equally terrible at all those positions so I’m not sure the term should be used as a term of endearment.

He couldn’t crack the starting lineup the year he was made the 19th pick overall in the draft.

After Alex Mack left the team during the 2016 offseason, Erving was an unmitigated disaster as his replacement.

Now, it’s even debatable if he’s deserving of a roster spot.

If Erving’s play alone isn’t enough to push him off the roster, the Browns have quietly added a plethora of young offensive lineman over the past 2 seasons to force the issue along.

Can they continue to pray that Erving’s potential turns into something tangible instead of other offensive lineman such as 5th round pick Roderick Johnson?

Nice kid. Tries hard. Doesn’t matter.

It’s been 3 seasons and we’re still waiting on Cam Erving to be anything more than one of Ray Farmer’s cadre of draft mistakes. The easy money says he won’t.

Maybe it’s time for the Browns to acknowledge that and set everyone involved free.


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