Ryan Mayer

All has been relatively quiet in recent weeks on the Kyrie Irving trade talks. Few rumors of new offers have come to light and the offseason continues to roll towards its conclusion. According to a new report from ESPN’s Adrian Wojnarowski, the reason for the relative lack of activity or news is that the Cavaliers are making sure that they get the right deal for the future of the team with or without LeBron.

In the report, Woj details that while the Cavs are still hopeful that they will be able to re-sign LeBron when he becomes a free agent following this season, they’re not “investing blind faith in the hope he will stay”. James to this point, has given no indication of what his plans are following next season which, according to Woj, has led to this more cautious approach to an Irving trade. That has led to the team focusing on getting a young star player in return for the point guard.

“The Cavaliers find themselves far more fixated on a young star, including New York’s Kristaps Porzingis, Boston’s Jayson Tatum, Phoenix’s Josh Jackson and Denver’s Jamal Murray, league sources told ESPN.

Cleveland is determined to get an elite young player for Irving, which means this: The trade plan the Cavaliers would have prioritized, with James committed for the long term — veterans to surround James and draft picks — isn’t in motion.”

So, right now it seems, the Cavaliers are in limbo. They want to get a return for Irving that is commensurate with his skill set and still burgeoning potential. Yet, at the same time, they hoped that the trade offers they would get would allow them to compete both now with LeBron and, in the future if LeBron were to leave. The whole report from Woj is worth a read as it details a few of the potential landing spots for Irving and the current obstacles to him landing there.


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