Cleveland, OH – (92.3 The Fan) – Despite recent rumors floated by analysts like Chris Broussard that everything between Kyrie and LeBron was a miscommunication, the reality of the situation was a separation needed to happen. Not all relationships have a point you can come back from. There’s no gaming console reset button in real life.

I had known about the trade for a half hour, but with my headphones in I took a walk downtown. I was on my way to get something to eat as the Indians sit in a rain delay. As I approached 4th street, I saw a man my age stop dead in his tracks and peer through the windows of a bar to find out the news of the trade. There was no look of shock, no look of despair, just a sigh of relief and acknowledgement. Processing in real time, but no sense of any loss or true gain.

The meat off the bone of this deal is that the Cavs got a trade GM Koby Altman can be happy about as his first big move with the wine and gold. Nobody fleeced anyone, as we tend to award one side a winner and another a loser, each team just took a better approach of the direction their franchise was heading. For the Cavs, you remain the top team in the East with a better chance of showing LeBron you didn’t waste one of his remaining years left to play. For the Celtics, you help close the gap a little bit between the two teams, and set up for what you hope to be a post-LeBron era in Cleveland.

Ultimately, the Cavs don’t take a massive drop in talent level in the deal. Kyrie might be the best below the rim player in the game with the best handles the game has, but Isaiah brings an offensive punch that will continue to take the workload off LBJ. As of right now, are they beating the Warriors? No. They weren’t with Kyrie on the roster either.

This is a move that shows LeBron and the locker room you aren’t just backing down and conceding the title to Golden State. The top pick allows another carrot to dangle in front of The King or can be used in a rebuild process if he bolts. There’s short term and long term forecasting mixed within this deal, a rare combo I didn’t know Koby and company could piece together before this evening.

Should Cavs fans care Kyrie gets the current laugh in not being sent to basketball hell like Phoenix instead? I don’t think so. It really doesn’t have anything to do with “the shot” either. This spoke to the true power of a star and the value they have, the same reason LeBron is the architect of every major move. This is what the NBA has transitioned to, Kyrie is just the benefactor of the system.


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