By Jonathan Peterlin | 92.3 The Fan

CLEVELAND (92.3 The Fan) – One of my favorite shows to watch is NBC’s Turning Point with Dan Patrick. Dan has been a broadcasting role model for me since I was twelve, so I’d watch the man call out numbers to senior citizens at a Bingo Hall if they broadcast it, but the focal point of the show is isolating out moments in NFL games where you see the game flip. It’s appropriately named.

On Monday, we saw Trevor Bauer’s turning point for the remaining few of the Indians’ fan base that still held onto the idea that he was a nuisance and a pest more than anything else.

That doesn’t mean he’s without character flaws; he has them. It’s our perception of his flaws that have changed. The quirks that make a significant other adorable to you, or the reasons people away from Cleveland don’t understand the appeal of Hang on Sloopy is what makes Trevor Bauer now seem delightful. He’s a refreshing bulldog in a sport that continues to try to make vanilla personalities like Mike Trout the face of the game.

Would Bauer’s comments and verbal sparring with Chicago’s Avisail Garcia be delightful if the right-hander was pitching like he had in the first two months of the season when his ERA bordered near 6? Of course not. The sports fan flaw is that we’ll always paint our top contributors in the best of light as long as they continue to put W’s in the win column of our favorite team.

What I respect most about the former top prospect is that he has remained true to himself. As a talk host, I see members of my industry chameleonize themselves into the fabric of a city and shape themselves into who they think they should be as opposed to who they really are.

Bauer currently is in a tie for the American League lead in wins, a stat that is outdated, and serves no purpose for the debate of measuring his skillset, so I won’t do that here. Over the past month he’s passed the Sabermetric and eyeball test and that’s all you need to know. If he regresses back to form, or his April numbers creep back into play, will we still find incidents like Monday as favorable though?

Whether the fifth year pro will contribute to the postseason roster as a starter is yet to be seen. I’m not sure he cracks the top three in the rotation right now, although it’d be tough to leave him out if he continues his torrid pace.

For now, all I’ll do is wait and see if the antics get amplified once he realizes success equates to a social media bulletproof vest.


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