Peterlin: Hue Jackson Handled Kizer Perfect On Sunday

CLEVELAND (92.3 The Fan) – As I’ve hit a certain age in my sports fandom I’ve started to accept two realities. There’s typically a difference between what my entertainment value thirsts for and what makes organizational sense. When the Indians got rid of Mike Napoli, from an entertainment sense it did little for me, however, from a pure organizational standpoint, it was a no brainer.

The entertainment side of me wanted to see Kyrie and LeBron work it out, the organizational side of me knew the marriage had divorce written all over it. When the two intersect, my sports fandom wins. Deshone Kizer playing and finishing out the teams most recent loss to the Ravens is one of these times.

In an almost pathetic attempt to force mediocrity onto the Browns quarterback position, some clamored for Kevin Hogan to remain in the game after Kizer was ready to come back in after his migraine. Those fans forgot to think long term.

The Ravens made Andy Dalton look like a Joey Harrington reincarnation while putting their stamp on being a top NFL defense with a great secondary. Deshone stood little chance, but it was important that he got back in the game and soaked up every mistake and got every rep possible.

It’s better now than later.

The hard part for some will be making the shift in your brain to accepting the bad with the good. One of the coolest things about parents is that they’ll love you unconditionally. Your significant other, a best friend, anyone in life can backstab you, or cheat on you, but your parents love you unconditionally. They don’t care if you screw up, they’re always there. Treat Kizer that way. Learn to love him unconditionally. The good, the bad, and the three interceptions.

In Chicago, John Fox is struggling with the impending loss of his job mixed with giving Mike Glennon too much money to be that bad. It’s a sunken cost. Mitch Trubisky doesn’t get any better holding a clipboard while his targets get worse week by week as the injuries pile up, making his task even harder when he does see the field. Hue Jackson deserves applause for not subjecting us to the product we watch every week.

Jason LaConfora joined “Baskin and Phelps” Tuesday afternoon and said that with Kevin Hogan in as quarterback the Browns might’ve had a chance to win. He may be right, I simply don’t care, that isn’t the point.

Wipe yourself clean of the idea that wins and losses make the 2018 season. It just doesn’t, not for this squad. The real success for this year comes in the development of your most important position on the field. In sending Deshone back on the field, Hue Jackson took one step closer in making his rookie a better quarterback in 2018 and beyond, which is a bigger win than anything you’ll see in a box score.

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