After President Trump’s controversial comments Friday night, saying NFL owners should fire players who protest the national anthem, NFL commissioner Roger Goodell issued a statement Saturday morning in response.

nfl statement NFL Releases Statement In Response To President Trumps Comments

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  1. When you have been handed the folded flag,then your comments might matter.You are an embarrassment to this country.I do not give a rats ass if it is legal.Disgusting way to allow these jackasses act.We will continue to boycott your stance and every player who thinks it is OK.Our military gets paid nothing to put their lives in danger,to protect our nations and freedoms.Your players get millions to act like total jackasses.You must be one proud American.You all can kiss my ass

  2. How are your players “creating a sense of unity” in our country by spitting on the flag and desecrating the sacrifices of the men who died fighting for our freedom?

  3. Hey roger: You have done nothing to earn respect! PERIOD! I stand with our law enforcement, military, and our president. I haven’t watch one of your silly games in two years, and better for it!

  4. roger, any organization that honors a hate group like the black panthers with a half time show is, by definition, a racist hate group itself. Clean up your own house FIRST before you start slinging arrows at others!

  5. Pathetic NFL managers. My family, friends and co-workers have all agreed to give up season tickets indefinitely totaling $171,833.00 annually. We are going to reach out to our community to do the same and see how well NFL does without tickets sales and merchandise sales. The Commissioner owes the fans an apology for its players actions!!!

  6. Thank you President Trump for defending the flag and everything it STANDS for! If the players want to protest, then protest in other ways, but disrespecting the men and women who have died and are fighting to defend our country is disgusting! The overpaid coaches and players are the ones that are dividing our country, not the hard-working, underpaid police and soldiers. If the players want to do something, then try riding with the police and build community relations or go and fight on the front lines with the soldiers.

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