by Kyle Lewandowski

A new season brings a plethora of new faces for the Cleveland Cavaliers.

Seeing newcomers like Dwayne Wade, Derrick Rose and Jae Crowder on the court is a welcoming sight for Cavalier fans even if the games might not mean anything in the standings at the moment.

What can not be overlooked, though, is the importance of this time for a team with new bodies all throughout the roster.

With two exhibition games under their belt, the chemistry of a group that has been together for only the better part of a month seems to be growing rather quickly despite two losses.

Wade says no matter the outcome, there is only one thing that matters right now.

“The biggest thing is we’re all just trying to get to know each other,” the 12-time All-Star said. “I definitely feel the moments in practice where we’re all learning, we’re getting better. Overall, I think the minutes we’re playing as starters right now without LeBron being out there are good minutes.”

Despite being around one another for such a short period of time, there are some factors that are helping the chemistry grow.

“It’s a veteran group,” Wade began. “The guys have welcomed me with open arms. We all just fit. Everyone just fits. We’re all happy to be playing together. I think none of us can believe we are playing together still.”

While chemistry on the court is important to winning basketball games, the same can be said about how a team bonds off the court.

“A day like yesterday where we go to the game, we hang out together all night, things like that is building bonds, building a brotherhood and it helps on the basketball floor,” the former Finals MVP said.

That line of thinking shows just how strong the bond between the 13-year veteran and LeBron James really is. The brotherhood is real and it is essential for everybody on a team to play as one and have that same mindset.

“I think J.R. [Smith] said it best,” Wade started. “If you came here, you come here understanding that you’re a part of a team and you’re going to have to sacrifice something to be here. This is all about winning. Everyone is here for one reason and it’s good. That’s a good thing.”

The first unit has been able to get out to sizeable first half leads in both of their preseason contests which shows that there is some instant chemistry present, and that will only grow when you factor LeBron into the equation.

When that time comes does Wade know what his role will be?

“No,” Wade answered. “We’ll all find out at the same time and when we’re on the court we’ll figure it out. I don’t think anyone is really concerned with that. It’s definitely going to be fun. Everyone is here, in Cleveland, because of that guy. Everyone wants to be a part of what he brings and his greatness. Everyone is excited to get out there when he’s ready to go.”

When LeBron is ready to go, the real cohesion will begin.


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