Matt Miller of Bleacher Report joined Bull & Fox to talk about his plan for a Browns turnaround, why he’s not a fan of the quantity over quality in regards to the draft, Hue Jackson’s future and the organization’s approach to the quarterback position and acquiring talent, in general.

  1. On one hand, Matt Miller is raking the Brown’s front office over the coals for passing on Wentz….on the other….he believes “whoever” is running the Brown’s draft in 2018 should not draft a quarterback; despite the fact this draft is considered to be one of the best drafts at the QB position in years. Very well stated Matt, from both sides of your mouth !

    P.S. Until the Haslam’s give a front office longer than 2 seasons to rebuild the roster, the Brown’s will continue to be the clown car of the NFL. Also, if Miller was such an expert on “team building”, he would be employed as a GM in the league. But currently he works for a 2nd rate web site (Bleacher Report) and can’t even get hired by the “big boys” in that industry—-ESPN and the NFL Network.

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