By Mark Horning

There are of course the “scary six” that nearly everyone in Cleveland knows about (i.e. Franklin Castle, House of Wills The Agora, Gray’s Armory, Squire’s Castle and The Soldiers’ and Sailors’ Monument), but real ghost aficionados are also aware of haunted sites off the beaten path. Here are a few to ponder…if you dare.

Federal Reserve Bank
1455 East 6th St.
Cleveland, OH 44114
(216) 579-2000

In 1929 a woman named Matilda lost her fortune to the Stock Market Crash and committed suicide. It is her ghost that is said to haunt the Federal Reserve Bank of Cleveland. Matilda spends her days and nights stalking employees throughout the building dressed in her flapper garb.

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The Drury Mansion
865 Euclid Ave.
Cleveland, OH 44114
(216) 357-3100

This 52 room dream home of millionaire Francis Drury (president of the Perfection Stove Company that manufactured the first kerosene stove (predecessor to the Coleman Stove) was completed in 1912. The dwelling was built for the enormous sum of two million dollars and came complete with spiraling towers and a maze of hallways. Sightings of a “mystery ghost” (a woman who roams the house) have been made since 1978 as well as the tale of two police officers who were tasked with guarding the then vacant building in 1972 and were found the next morning sitting back to back on the floor with shotguns at the ready and scared witless.

Gore Orphanage
Gore Orphanage Road
Vermillion, OH 44114

Controversy still surrounds this stretch of road that leads to the main entrance of Firelands Boy Scout Camp. To begin with, there supposedly never was a Gore Orphanage thus it never burned down. There was the Light of Hope Orphanage located in the Swift Mansion that did burn down in 1923 but without any casualties. Needless to say, creepy things have been seen and heard in the area including children walking the misty road at night. If nothing else it makes for good campfire ghost stories down the road.

Old Chestnut Grove Cemetery
Chestnut Drive and Lewis Road
Olmsted Falls, OH

The area now known as Olmsted Falls has been populated since around 1815 so it is no wonder that the local cemetery would have its own legend. The cemetery sits on a high ridge overlooking Rocky River (deemed one of the best steelhead fishing spots in the world) and is itself quite unique. Graves are placed willy-nilly and can even be found scattered in the woods. As for the legend, it is said that a woman accused of being a witch was hung from a tree in the cemetery and buried at the base of said tree. Instead of a marker, the town’s people elected to erect a fence around what is now a sunken place in the dirt. Ghost hunters are warned not to get too close to the grave (it’s hard to find because the fence is long gone) as “terrible things” will happen to them.

Renaissance Hotel
24 Public Square
Cleveland, OH

Since1918 this luxury hotel has been THE place to stay in downtown Cleveland. What many current guests do not realize is that it is also home to a number of spirits and aberrations. Those that work there report that there seems to be guests that have never checked out. The fourth floor seems to be especially spirit active with lights flickering, faucets turning on and off by themselves and toilets suddenly flushing themselves.

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