By Daryl Ruiter | 92.3 The Fan

CLEVELAND (92.3 The Fan) – Ignorance is bliss.

At least for Browns head coach Hue Jackson.

It sure beats dwelling on 0-8 or 1-23, or the fact the Browns completely blew their pre-draft evaluations of Carson Wentz and Deshaun Watson.

A day after telling reporters in London that he had the support of Browns owners Jimmy and Dee Haslam, Jackson was asked Monday on a conference call what he tells the Haslams when they ask about why they passed on Wentz and Watson considering how well both quarterbacks are playing. Wentz has already won 14 games in Philadelphia where the Eagles are an NFL-best 7-1 this season and there’s already MVP chatter while Watson continues to re-write the league’s record books weekly.

“I think that is something you have to ask him,” Jackson said. “Maybe that question has been asked a while back. Maybe that question is not the right question to ask. I think as we go through it, Jimmy can only tell you if he is feeling that way. I can’t. I can’t speak for him.”

Jackson sold himself to the Haslams as the man that can stop the quarterback carousel from spinning, which is why that seemed to be a pretty relevant question to ask him considering the current state of the team.

Jackson [allegedly] participated in the decisions to pass on Wentz and Watson the last 2 drafts, helped to bring in Robert Griffin III, signed off on and defended the front office with “trust me” after the selection of Cody Kessler, told us DeShone Kizer is the future franchise quarterback in the making while treating the kid like a yo yo every time he makes a mistake.

Deep breathes.

Since Mr. and Mrs. Haslam aren’t available to field those questions on Jackson’s behalf, let’s look at a simpler issue: Kenny Britt.

Britt dressed but didn’t see the field Sunday in London, which according to Jackson was just a coincidence after Britt told last week just how much he hated everything about the Rams’ trip overseas the previous year. Jackson claims that he knew nothing of Britt’s inflammatory remarks just like he knew nothing about criticism surrounding his rookie quarterback being out at 2 a.m. on a Friday night Saturday morning with teammates – including Britt – even though no rules or laws were broken.

“I never even knew about those comments,” Jackson said. “Obviously, I don’t read much of what goes on so I’m not really sure what you are referring to. I didn’t see that, but I would hope that – obviously, he said it – but I would hope that he didn’t mean it that way.”

Then there was this gem from Jackson when asked about Britt potentially being a negative influence on the youngest locker room in the league: “If I knew Kenny Britt was a negative influence on our football team, he wouldn’t be here,” Jackson said.

Say what?

Britt catches on average 1 out of 3 balls thrown his way, has been caught dancing and not paying attention during practice, is a ringleader of commotion caused by players in an attempt to make availability with the team as uncomfortable for reporters as possible and this guy isn’t a negative influence?

Either Jackson has zero feel for his team or he is just choosing to pretend not to see what everyone else does – that Britt is a $17 million problem that should’ve been sent packing weeks ago.

Or maybe not according to Jackson.

“Yeah, there is a spot for him on this roster. I have played Kenny most games when he was healthy. He has been out there. He has been a starter,” Jackson said. “I just thought yesterday, I wanted to do something different as I told him. I was very honest. We played Bryce Treggs a little bit more yesterday because I wanted to get a good feel for him in the game. That is what it was, but is there still a place for Kenny Britt? There is.”

Oy vey!

Those receivers – Ricardo Louis (6 targets, 2 catches, 42 yards), Rashard Higgins (1 targets, 1 catch, 14 yards), Sammie Coates (2 targets, 2 catches 13 yards) and Bryce Treggs (3 targets, 1 catch, 12 yards) – combined for 12 targets, 6 catches and 81 yards in Sunday’s loss.

Sometimes it’s best to just come clean, admit mistakes and be transparent about processes that haven’t worked out but Jackson, the front office and organization continue to prove they’re incapable of such humility. Instead, Jackson chooses time and time again to step in it deep, and it’s gotten to a point where simply cleaning his shoes won’t do.

Then again, ignorance truly is bliss.

  1. hx214 says:

    So basically he has no say about what players come to the Cleveland and they don’t listen to him for input on what players he whats. Great.

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