By Daryl Ruiter | 92.3 The Fan

CLEVELAND (92.3 The Fan) – With the Browns winless in December for a second straight season questions about the future of head coach Hue Jackson continue to surface.

Jackson’s name was mentioned last week by former NFL quarterback Jake Plummer, who endorsed him to take over as head coach at Arizona State. “If I was him I would be wanting to get out of Cleveland,” Plummer said in an interview last week. The university has since hired former NFL head coach Herm Edwards.

Jackson, who is 1-27 as head coach since taking over the Browns in 2016 surpassing John McKay’s 2-26 start with the expansion Tampa Bay Buccaneers from 1976-77 for the worst in league history, continues to be tied with the Cincinnati Bengals as a potential heir to Marvin Lewis.

The Bengals’ loss to Pittsburgh Monday night may have sealed Lewis’ fate raising questions as to whether or not Jackson would bolt the Browns for the Bengals in the offseason.

Tuesday on 92.3 The Fan, the question about Jackson’s ties to Cincinnati arose during interviews with pair of guests – Former NFL/Browns offensive lineman Ross Tucker of Sirius XM NFL and NBCSN with Ken Carman and Anthony Lima and CBS Sports NFL insider Jason LaCanfora with Baskin and Phelps.

“Marvin Lewis is done,” Tucker said on the Ken Carman Show with Anthony Lima. “Maybe the Browns can trade Hue Jackson to Cincinnati.”

A total of 5 head coaches have been “traded” since 1999 – Mike Holmgren from Green Bay to Seattle in 1999 for a second-round pick, Bill Belichick from the New York Jets to New England in 2000 after NFL commissioner Paul Taglibue awarded the Jets the Patriots’ first-round pick in 2000 and a fourth and seventh-round pick in 2001. The Patriots were awarded the Jets’ fifth-round pick in 2001 and a seventh-round pick in 2002, Jon Gruden from Oakland to Tampa Bay in 2002 for the Buccaneers’ 2002 and 2003 first-round picks, a second round pick in 2004 and $8 million and the most recent: Herm Edwards from the Jets to Kansas City in 2006 for a fourth-round pick.

“Wouldn’t shock me at all,” LaCanfora said on Baskin and Phelps. “I’ve been hearing that since August. That would be one of the least surprising offseason machinations if that’s how that turned out.”

League sources have told 92.3 The Fan over the past 2 months that despite their record, Browns ownership is resistant to making changes this offseason if they don’t feel they must be made.

Last Thursday Jackson was asked about his name being brought up in relation to potential coaching openings to which he replied, “It is always good to have your name thrown places, but my goal and what I want to accomplish is I want to help turn around this organization. That is what I came here for. I’m not running from this. It doesn’t feel good or look good – I have said that before. We are going to win here. I truly believe that. That is what I came here for. We just have to go do the things that we need to do to get this organization headed in the right direction. Hopefully, I am going to be a huge part of that and for a long time. That is what I believe and that is what I feel. That is what I’m doing right now, coaching these Cleveland Browns to get better.”

Part of History – The jersey that Joe Thomas wore for his record-setting 10,000th consecutive career snap is headed to Canton.

Thomas presented the jersey to the Pro Football Hall of Fame, which plans to display it and honor Thomas’ historic achievement and longevity, on Monday. Thomas took snap No. 10,000 on the second offensive play of a Sept. 17 loss in Baltimore.

The consecutive snaps streak came to an end at 10,363 after Thomas suffered a torn left triceps tendon in the third quarter of an Oct. 22 loss to the Tennessee Titans ending the season for the 10-time Pro Bowl tackle.

The Browns posted a video of the jersey presentation on social media and the team’s website Tuesday.

Insurance Policy – With Jabrill Peppers dealing with a knee injury suffered in LA on Sunday, the Browns signed safety Justin Currie to the practice squad.

Currie, who appeared in 1 game for the Browns this season, was waived last week to make room for Josh Gordon to return to the active roster.

Receiver Rannell Hall cut from the practice squad to allow Curry to return.

The Browns said Monday that the test results from an MRI on Peppers’ knee showed that the rookie would not require surgery but his status for this week’s game with the Packers remains to be seen.

Awards Season – Right guard Kevin Zeitler was voted the Browns recipient of the 2017 Ed Block Courage Award for “courage, compassion, commitment and community.”

Zeitler played through a thumb injury and surgery during the first 6 weeks of the season while making several notable contributions to the team’s philanthropic efforts off the field.

Toy Drive – The Browns will hold their annual holiday Toy Drive this Sunday.

Fans are asked to donate a new, unwrapped toy for week’s game against the Green Bay Packers which will be collected outside the gates of FirstEnergy Stadium prior to the game with the Packers.

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  1. Please, getting draft picks for a coach who is 1-27 in his last 28 game !? Jake Plummer suggesting he jump ship ( get out of Cleveland ) for Arizona State ? What has the world come to…. when a head coach performing as Jackson has been….deserves ‘ANY’ options ?

    And make no mistake about it. A good deal of the blame for the Brown’s abysmal season, can be laid right at Jackson’s door step ! The Brown’s have been one of the most penalized team’s in the league this season. Penalties are a sign of players being undisciplined. Being undisciplined is usually a sign of problems with leadership….the head coach. In any business, if there is a major problem with the employees making frequent mistakes….you can bet the management team will either be “shaken-up” or out-right fired !

    In addition to penalties, the turnover issue has been a mess. As such, the Browns are dead last in the NFL in turnover differential. Jackson is also largely responsible for this problem as well. Yes, he was not dealt a good hand in the QB room to say the least….but neither was Eric Mangini back in 2009 ( Brady Quinn, Derik Anderson) !

    However, Mangini did the best with what he had. And developed a game plan which revolved heavily on the ground game, ‘NOT’ turning the ball over, and making big plays on special teams. The Brown’s were thus able to win 5 games, despite having an overaged roster void of ANY young talent.

    Despite having much faster, more athletic team; Jackson has done just the opposite in 2017. Yes, he also has a very young, inexperienced team. However, despite that inexperience….the offense has NOT been scaled back ! And he has had a 21 year old rookie QB running a complex, down-field passing attack. Rarely does Jackson have Kizer roll out to one side of the field; which would eliminate the number of reads he would have to make. And rarely does he stick with the running game long enough to develop a consistent set of play action passes. And as a resul,t Kizer has looked lost way too may times.

    I could also go on about how Jackson’s in game decision making has been a mess; even going back to last season. But I will not, because anyone bothering to read this far is obviously a diehard Brown’s fan….and thus knows what these decisions were, as well as the outcome. I will end by saying I too do not wan’t more change….but with Jackson’s performance this year (and last) I believe the Haslams have 0 choice ! Jackson is so delusional about what is going on, he actually is rumored to be demanding “more say” ( code for final say ) in personnel decisions at season’s end. What has he done exactly, to demand anything !

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