By Daryl Ruiter | 92.3 The Fan

CLEVELAND (92.3 The Fan) – Lost in the discussion about whether or not new general manager John Dorsey can co-exist with or has belief in Hue Jackson is what is going to happen with chief strategy officer Paul DePodesta.

Like Jackson, owner Jimmy Haslam is on record in saying that DePodesta will remain with the organization moving forward in 2018.

But is DePodesta still a fit philosophically?

It doesn’t seem so based on Dorsey’s response in an interview with Adam ‘The Bull’ and Dustin Fox Tuesday afternoon on 92.3 The Fan.

“I’ve had a chance to sit there and talk with Paul, a very smart guy. He’s done a lot of good work in different sports,” Dorsey told Bull and Fox. “And what I’ve tried to do here is spend some quality time with him just to understand the concepts of analytics in the sport of football.

“I think I’ve publicly said I’m 85 percent Atlanta Braves — that’s touch it, feel it, smell it, traditional models — and 15 percent Oakland Athletics — where that’s that analytical process taking place.”

If only 15 percent of the total evaluation is going to be analytically based what purpose will DePodesta serve moving forward?

DePodesta has been instrumental in helping navigate a variety of trade scenarios the last 2 years that have seen the team complete nearly 20 deals, but unlike Brown, Dorsey’s actually run his own front office before and knows the values associated with exchanging assets.

One of DePodesta’s strengths in his successful run with multiple Major League Baseball clubs has been his ability to align an organization’s personnel and scouting department to cultivate talent internally and augment selectively externally finding value where others haven’t. That fact alone was one of many reasons the Haslams hired him.

Dorsey recognizes even though he doesn’t plan to use analytics as a driving force in decision-making, there is value in it.

“At some point in football, if it’s used right, I think there’s a place for it,” Dorsey said. “We’re just kind of talking about [it], and let’s make no make mistake, the vast majority of football teams do use analytics. They may not promote it or have somebody like Paul within the organization, but analytics is used on a daily basis.

“I will continue to understand the models and the concepts that his team has come up with, and at the end of the day, I’m a realist. It gives the decision-makers the ability to think through everything in terms of making the proper decision for the organization.”

Could DePodesta fit with Dorsey?


But under the current structure of the organization set forth by the Haslams, Jackson, Dorsey and DePodesta will continue to report independently to ownership, paving the way for more heads to butt and probably eventually to roll.